Saturday, 4 June 2011

Showreel rejects

In this post, I shall be posting up some examples of work that I considered including, but ultimately decided to leave out and I shall explain why I am leaving them out.

This was the first piece of animation that I completed for the degree.  This was made using Toon Boom and a little After Effects.  I decided not to put this in my showreel, because the drawing work in this is pretty crude, compared to work that I have done since; largely because this was one of my first attempts at working with a graphics tablet and I needed to get the hang of it.  At this stage, I was not yet confident at animating run/walk cycles, so I cut corners by duplicating a lot of frames.  Although, I think the story is clear, I have left this out as I have done more technically skilled animation work since.

Character Animation: Doctor Who
This piece is one of two entries that I have made to the 11 second club and also did not make the showreel for several reasons.  First of all, I put very little consideration into the surroundings and actual animating;  I spent a stupid amount of time just trying to rig and model that stethoscope.  The result is that the animation is very rigid and the poses lack expression.

3D Perspective Walk
As an animator, I thought it would be important to include a walk cycle animation; as this is a fundamental skill.  However, I had to choose between several walk cycles that I had done.  I rejected this one as I did it at the last minute and therefore it lacks appeal.  The movements of his arms are snappy as well.  I did a perspective walk in 2D that works much better than this and has made the final showreel.

2D Profile Walk
This walk cycle was also rejected from the showreel for the reason that I had a better walk cycle animation.  Another problem with this one is that his arms and legs often change shape.  At the time, proportion was still a weakness for me in my drawing, but I have since improved on keeping proportion accurate.

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