Tuesday, 7 June 2011

DVD Label Making

In this post, I am going to talk about the printing the label that will be place directly on my DVD.  I want my showreel packaging to look just as professional as the DVD menu and indeed, the showreel itself.  This meant that I will need the look of the DVD and it's cover to reflect my professional image.

To make my DVD label, I ordered the Avery CD Kit With Applicator, Software Disc and Labels.
This came with sheets of A4 printable CD labels and CD covers, an applicator for applying the labels on the CD or DVD and software for designing the label.

I started by installing and running the software, so I could design the label that I would place on my DVDs.
As with everything that I use to promote my professional image, I decided to include the Kash Kong Monkey against the swirling red backdrop on my DVD label.  I simply uploaded this image into the template and scaled it so that the image fitted on the label in a way that I liked.  I then used the text tool to put the name, "James Waters: Showreel" on the label, as well as various contact details.

When I was satisfied with it, I then printed it onto DVD label paper, which was A4 paper which the labels were stuck to.  Here is how the DVD label looks printed out.
Now, the next thing to do is to peel this label off and apply it to a DVD using the applicator.  This is done by placing the label on the applicator face down as illustrated below.
Next, I place the CD on top, again face down.  I also place a sheet of plastic over the CD to protect it when I press down.
Lastly, I place my hand on top of the button in the centre and I press down on the applicator, flattening the whole device and fusing the label to the DVD.
And now here is how the finished DVD looks, all that is left to do now is to burn the showreel and menu to the DVD and then to make the packaging for it.  The packaging will need to be something simple, that can be made quickly and cheaply, as I will need to make many of these to distribute my showreel to whoever requires it.

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