Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Run cycle

Since my last post, I have made improvements to the run cycle; I added movement to the arms and a bit of facial expression.  However, I have made two versions of my run cycle, because when I handed in my first, the director David asked me to make the run cycle quicker and also to remove the shaking fist and the beginning, where he gets up.  Although he likes it, they just needed a run cycle by this point.  Here is the first run cycle so you can see what I did.
After David asked me to make it more simple, so it is just a basic run cycle, I deleted a few key frames and then moved some of the key frames on the graph that make up the running movement, closer together.  I completely redid the arm movement from scratch and now the mongol begins the run cycle closer to the camera and eventually runs out of shot.

Here is my second attempt at the run cycle, that I have sent to both David and Tara.

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